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Meet Me... Taryn!

Not looking for just pretty photos? Looking for something worth while and an experience you'll always remember? With a strong passion for photography and videography, I don't just provide you with pretty photos to 'oh' and 'ah' over. For me, photography is about letting loose, being yourself and capturing raw emotion. TAZ Photography LLC is a wedding photography business that doesn't just provide a traditional wedding experience. it's about capturing the love between two people genuinely and emotionally. My videography, it's about capturing details and small moments between the couple throughout their day. Doing videography and photography also gives my couples the upper hand as you can rely on one person to execute both important aspects of your wedding. Welcome to TAZ Photography LLC! I'm Taryn and I have a strong passion for capturing a once in a lifetime day for brides and grooms in a way that offers a unique experience and product. 

I attended Ridgewater College 2016-2018 in Willmar, MN for Professional Photography. I graduated with A Diploma in Professional Photography and An AAS Degree in Professional Photography on May 11th, 2018! I'm a qualified professional photographer with great attention to detail, a love for art, a big heart and sense of adventure. 


Throughout the last few years I have greatly shifted my focus to wedding photography, but still love to capture unique photos of families and individuals as well. TAZ Photography welcomes individuals that have nontraditional and unique ideas. My dream is to travel the world photographing elopements and weddings. I want to capture love in beautiful places and show each couple as they truly are in their photos. I'm excited to continue growing my business and to meet more amazing couples along the way that have unique visions on how to celebrate their love. I can't express how blessed and grateful I am for all my current and past clients and how thankful I will continue to be as I meet new clients and friends along the way. 



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Traveling is a strong passion of mine! I want to travel the world and photograph the beautiful places I see and people I meet. A big dream of mine is to photograph weddings and elopements all over the world!

Fun fact! I LOVE pinecones and sloths! Anytime I'm out and there are pine cones, I have to find one to add to my collection. You can also always find me watching cute sloth videos! 

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I collect succulents! I have so many, but they're all so beautiful and different.. I currently have almost 60!

I'm always listening to music or looking for a good movie/book. I really enjoy creating music, playing it and singing as well. I enjoy most any types of movies or tv shows, but am REALLY into documentaries. You can bet I'm binge watching those while editing. I like to keep busy and have a creative mind that's always at work. I'm also into arts like painting, sketching, etc. 

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